Playlist #17 – PHAL:ANGST

(((Sendung vom 11. September 2018)))


  1. PHAL:ANGST »The Old Has To Die And The New Must Not Be Born«, Black Country (Bloodshed666 Records, 2014)
  2. PHAL:ANGST »Despair«, Shiver With Cold (Bloodshed666 Records, 2009)
  3. PHAL:ANGST »Despair II«, Phase IV (Bloodshed666 Records, 2018)
  4. PHAL:ANGST »Hardwire«, Black Country (Bloodshed666 Records, 2014)
  5. PHAL:ANGST »On The Run«, Phase IV (Bloodshed666 Records, 2018)
  6. PHAL:ANGST »All Autumn’s Past«, Shiver With Cold (Bloodshed666 Records, 2009)
  7. PHAL:ANGST »Money & Fame«, Phase IV (Bloodshed666 Records, 2018)

Upcoming Gigs: 29. September 2018 @ Rhiz, Wien Album Release Party Phase IV & Eklextasy Chaos Deluxe

Bandinfos: Phal:Angst

Label: Bloodshed666 Records


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