Playlist #13: WILDE LIGA WIEN-Special

2. April 2018



  1. SIN DIOS »Alerta Antifascista«, Ruido Anticapitalista – Alerta Antifascista (Difusión Libertaria La Idea, 1998)
  2. SELTSAME ZUSTÄNDE »Fussball«, Seltsame Zustände (JoJo Records, 1984)
  3. THE OPPRESSED »Work Together«, Oi! Oi! Music! (Captain Oi!, 1993 [1984])
  4. EA80 » Kleiner Schauspielführer«, Punk (self-release, 1993)
  5. KRANKHEIT DER JUGEND »Zerfall Ist Menschlich (Live)«, Various ‎– Tomorrow Never Came (Soundbuster Prod., 1995)
  6. DECADENT FEW »Happy Families«, Irrehuus (Full Circle, 1991)
  7. TALCO »Pirati Di Sankt Pauli«
  8. LEATHERFACE »Hops and St Pauli«, Der FC St. Pauli Ist Schuld Daß Ich So Bin (Blitzcore, 1998)
  9. ATARI TEENAGE RIOT »Kids R United (Cuts On The Ghettoblaster Can Be Used As A Weapon Remix)«, Sixteen Years Of Video Material (Eat Your Heart Out, 2008)
  10. AUTONOMADS »Nobody’s Winning Here«, From Rusholme With Dub [with Black Star Dub Collective] (self-release, 2012)
  11. PETRA & DER WOLF »Soccer Queen«
  12. COLD LEATHER »Hag-Ridden«, Demo (Sabotage, 2017)
  13. LA FEMME »Si Un Jour«, Psycho Tropical Berlin (Born Bad Records, 2013)
  14. SECT »Police Repression«, Sect (Discos Enfermos, 2013)
  15. ZEMAN »Antifa Football Core«, Attitudine Offensiva (Rockout Fascism, 2015)
  16. OMEGA TRIBE »Freedom, Peace & Unity«, Make Tea Not War (Rugger Bugger Discs, 2000)
  17. ΟΜΙΧΛΗ »Throw Nazis Out Of Football«, Legion Of Freaks (Joe Pogo Records, 2012)
  18. RFC »Football Time and Revolution (20 anni dei Mondiali Antirazzisti)«
  19. SERENE FALL »Always«, Oh My Prophet Oh My Liar (Beri Beri, 1993)
  20. TOTENWALD »Fukushima Blues«, Wrong Place Wrong Time (Mass Media Records, 2016)

/// Worte zum Montag: LENA STOEHRFAKTOR »Die Angst Vor Den Gedanken Verlieren«, Die Angst Vor Den Gedanken Verlieren (Conexión Musical, 2012) ///


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